KAHS Graduate Student Evaluation and Progress Report

KAHS Graduate Student Evaluation and Progress Report

The Kinesiology and Health Science Graduate Program requires the student and supervisor to meet regularly to discuss and assess the quality of the student’s work.

This report is expected to be submitted by the supervisor, no later than 3 weeks after the end of each term.

The progress of all graduate students is reviewed by the Graduate Executive Committee. Reports of unsatisfactory progress from a supervisor and/or supervisory committee may place the student on academic probation or may require a student to take a leave of absence or withdraw from the graduate program.

All supervisory committee members must meet annually to complete report as a committee. Suggested terms are:
MA/MSC (by end of terms 3, 6, 9)
PHD (by end of terms 6, 9, 12, 15)

It is essential that the assessment and expectations are recorded each term and a record is kept by the supervisor and student.